Denarius - Vespasian - A.D. 69-79
     Built The Colloseum in Rome
Denarius - Hadrian  - A.D.117-138
                   Built the Wall
Denarius - Vitellius - A.D. 69
Was only Emperor for six months
Nummis - Romulus and Remus 3rd century A.D.
  Orphaned sons of Mars, raised by a she wolf
Antoninianus - Allectus - A.D. 293-296
                 Usurper Emperor
Nummis - Constantine the Great
-                A.D. 307-337
Declared Emperor at York in 306
Siliqua - Constantinus II - A.D. 337-61
Nummis - Constantine II -
              During the Roman period vast quantities of coins were produced.  They were struck in gold, silver, and copper alloy

In the third century A.D. a legionary soldier was paid around 10 denarii a week, from which his clothes, food, and taxes were deducted