My leisure time was once divided between metal
detecting and dump digging.  Dating mostly
from the Victorian period, these bottles make a
fascinating study - the shapes and colours
being so diverse.
They were usually produced in a two piece
mould,The lip, known as an 'applied lip' was
attached by hand, after the mouling process. 
Large numbers of bottles had no lip, they are
called 'sheared lip 'types and were cheaper
to manufacture.  Some had stoppers made
of glass, but most used cork as a means of
Bell ink
Cobalt ink
Aqua angled base ink
Green ink
Igloo ink
Cobalt poison
Aqua medicine
Copper blue medicine
Glass Target Ball
Introduced in the 19th century
these objects are the
forerunners of clay pidgeons. 
They were often filled with
feathers.  This one was
extracted from a dump with
lots of crushed glass and